Horse Market


Horse Market

Photographed at the most famous stock yards in America, from which as many as 5,000 horses are frequently shipped in one day. The spirited animals are seen being led to the cars and the passing of a pair of high-stepping coachers hitched to a light runabout lends additional activity to an already lively scene.

MB 1897-01

MB 1897-04


1 Edison 174 (MU 272)  
2 William Heise  
3 <24/12/1896. © Thomas A. Edison, 24/12/1896. 50 ft
4 États-Unis. Buffalo. Buffalo Country Club.  


30/04/1897 MexiqueMexico Joaquín Espinosa Mercado de caballos en Buffalo
04/08/1897 Équateur, Guayaquil Herzog/Icaza/Muñoz Mercado de caballos