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San Antonio est une ville de l'état du Texas (États-Unis).


L'eidoloscope (Opera House, 9-10 décembre 1896)

En provenance de La Nouvelle Orléans, Rosabel Morrison est en tournée avec une nouvelle adaptation de Carmen, oeuvre de Proper Mérimée, dont l'originalité consiste à inclure, lors de la représentation la célèbre Bull Fight tournée au Mexique par Gray Latham :

Miss Rosabel Morrison presented the dramatized story of “Carmen” at the Opera house last night with splendid scenery and superb electrical and calcium effects and with a supporting company which, if not an all star attraction, was at least capable enough to better reflect the greater dramatic powers of Miss Morrison. A very finely schooled actress in her company is Miss Margaret Raven, as Zara, whose work received general commendation.
Mr. Elsner, as Don Jose, gave about the same support he did when seen in former years as Faust to Miss Morrison’s Marguerite and Lewis Morrison’s Mephisto.
The feature of the entertainment last night was the splendid reproduction of a Spanish bull fight by means of the Eidoloscope, which showed in panorama the various scenes of the fight, with bull, horses and men moving as naturally as if the actual scene was transpiring in the arena.
The engagement closes tonight.

San Antonio Daily Light, 10 décembre 1896, p. 5.

san antonio eidoloscope

The Daily Light, San Antonio, 9 décembre 1896, p. 8.

La troupe se rend ensuite à Austin :

The Rosabel Morrison company gave another splendid exhibition of the wonderful Eidoloscope last night in the opera house and left today for Austin.

San Antonio daily lightSan Antonio, 11 décembre 1896, p. 4.