The Fresh-Water Hydra


The Fresh-Water Hydra

The curious Freshwater Hydra is seen expanding and contracting its telescopic body, and waving its numerous arms. Myriads of tiny animalculæ which form the food ol the hydra, swim restlessly about in all directions, presenting with the movements of the hydra a scene of great animation.
Magnified 25 diameters.

URB 1903-11

The Fresh-Water Hydra

The Microscopist is seen seated at his well appointed laboratory table preparing his specimens. He takes a drop of pond water from a collecting tube, and, placing it on a glass slide, examines it under the microscope. The sight revealed by the magnifying powers of the microscope is truly wonderful. A number of strange creatures, shining like burnished silver, are seen in constant restless motion. Their delicate, transparent bodies are ever lengthening and contracting in telescopic fashion, while the crowning circlet of arms,which surround the hungry mouth, wave about in all directions. These uncanny looking creatures are the Freshwater Hydras, the inhabitants of nearly every pond and lake. A still more highly magnified view shows us that the arms, or tentacles, of these creatures are clothed with curious knobs, the stinging cells, by means of which the Hydra captures its prey. The tiny "Slipper'' Animacules, which swim about in all directions, become entangled in the long arms of the Hydra, and held fast by the barbs of the stinging cells.

URB 1905-02


1 Charles Urban Trading Co 2505 (URB 1903-11) 2550 (URB 1905-02)  
2 Francis Martin Duncan

3 < 11/1903 75 ft/175 ft
4 n.c.  


02/02/1905 EspagneValence Hermanos Pradera La Hidra de agua dulce