The Hair-Footed Crustacean or Tophyropoda


The Hair-Footed Crustacean or Tophyropoda

This remarkable little marine creature forms the favourite food of the herring, and appears off our coasts at certain periods of the year in countless legions, eagerly followed by a devouring shoal of herrings. It has gained its name from the curious appearance of its legs, which terminate not in a foot but in a bunch of hairs. The legs are very beautiful objects, and the curious tuft of hairs is used by the little creatures in swimming.

URB 1905-02


1 Charles Urban Trading Co 2545  
2 Francis Martin Duncan

3 < 11/1903 50 ft
4 n.c.  


02/02/1905 EspagneValence Hermanos Pradera Pie de pelo Crustáceo Tophyropda